Update: THE CHAINED HAY(NA)KU PROJECT published by Meritage Press in 2010.


by Ivy Alvarez, John Bloomberg-Rissman, Ernesto Priego, and Eileen Tabios

to participate in


As authors of single-author poetry hay(na)ku collections, we invite you to collaborate with others to create “chained hay(na)ku” — a poem based on the hay(na)ku poetic form and created by multiple authors (at least three individual authors). Information on the hay(na)ku form are available HERE, HERE and HERE.

For a sample of the Chained Hay(na)ku, you can see our collaborative poem, “Four Skin Confessions.” The poem was written in May 2007 by email, spanning the time zones of London, Cardiff, and California.

In addition to the poem, facets of the “Conversation” between the four poets as they collaborated together for the first time are presented here. Currently up on the blog are the conversational topics of “Is the Poem Finished?” and “What to Title the Poem.” Other aspects of the Conversation may be presented in the future to share how a group of first-time collaborators created a poem.

We now invite other poets to collaborate with others in creating other chained hay(na)ku. Authors can then contribute their collaborations (including excerpts from such collaborations) for possible publication, which Meritage Press will release as either a journal, anthology, or hand-made limited edition (the final format will depend on the nature of and number of contributions).

Collaborations need not be only in verse form. Visual poetry is welcome, as long as the collaborators number at least three and realize that reproduction is likely to be in black-and-white.

Email Contributions (and queries) to: MeritagePress @ AOL dot com

Deadline for Contributions: January 31, 2008

Why not get together with others (at least three poets please) and chain together a hay(na)ku? It’s a poetic form that has always been intended to be an Invitation!

All Best,

Ivy Alvarez, author of 1 DOZ. POISON HAY(NA)KU (Big Game Books, 2007)

John Bloomberg-Rissman, author of OTAGES (Bamboo Books, 2006) and NO SOUNDS OF MY OWN MAKING (Leafe Press, 2007)

Ernesto Priego, author of NOT EVEN DOGS (Meritage Press, 2006)

Eileen Tabios, author of THE SINGER And Others (Dusie, 2007)


3 Responses

  1. Is this where I sign-up for the collaboration–if so, sign me up!


  2. Hi Nicole,
    No. We, ourselves, don’t put people together. What needs to happen is you hook up with your poet-contacts so that at least three of you get together on your own to write a chained hay(na)ku. It’s after you’ve created your version that you then can contribute it to the project.

    But thanks for your interest! Hope you find others to write a chained hay(na)ku!


  3. Hello Nicole (and all others),

    Although this location isn’t the clearinghouse for making that chain of poets who will write a chained hay(na)ku, I’m open to being in the chain with any poets who happen to use this location seeking links in the writing chain. I don’t mind becoming one of Nicole’s (new) poet-contacts.

    Great stuff here! I’m completely sold. I accept the invitation.

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